SAS Engineering & Planning

“We work for our Customers, and thanks to their confidence and our capability to satisfy their requests we have been able to grow constantly during these fourty years of activity. From a 1,500 sqm shop in 1973, to the 20,000 we occupy today and they are still not enough. From the first repairs and improvements of used machines, to the new and highly performing lines of nowadays. SAS development can be summed up as follows, step by step, success after success, remaining always faithful to the origins and traditions of our experiences. Nowadays the quality of our equipments is not only certified by the market but it is established by the satisfaction of our customers, whom we thank for the trust they continously recognize and the new challenges they propose us to face”.

SAS Engineering & Planning has been working for more than fourty years in the field of the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, supplying the best technological solutions and a constant support to the companies.

SAS Engineering & Planning takes care of the product in each phase: from the design to the construction, from the assembly to the final test.

SAS Engineering & Planning does not only take care of the construction of new equipments but also of the revamping and improvement of already existing ones. The team of the company is always busy with the study and the research of solutions enabling the update and the offer of technological and qualitative state- of-the art products. The production efficiency and the highly certified quality make of SAS a worldwide leader company in the construction of machines for the working of ferrous materials, registering in the latest years a lot of successes and the record for the number of new sold peeling and drawing lines.

During the years the company has achieved important goals, obtaining different patents and its applications have met with international acclaim. SAS doesn’t only take care of machines but builds reliability relationships with its customers, who, in every moment, can rely on its support, assistance, and the competence of a reality recognized as one of the most innovative and reliable in the steel industry.

SAS has always been aiming at the satisfaction of its customers in the best possible way: thanks to its competences and professionality, SAS analyzes, studies and realizes from zero (scratch) complete lines of production and proposes itself as partner and consultant, advising the customers on the different opportunities of development available. The production efficiency of SAS, alongside the experience acquired and the highly certified quality, make of it a worldwide leader company recognized all over the world.