SAS Engineering and Planning designs, installs and tests each machine it produces and each component composing the machine.

Thanks to the use of specifical instruments, SAS makes 3D designs of every machine and each single component. Machines are realized and modified according to the customers’ requirements. The production lines vary according to the material and the size it will have when it must be drawn or peeled.

The development team of SAS has always been busy with the study and the research in order to offer products which are technologically and qualitative excellent. Each phase of the design of product lines such as chain pulling units, drawing lines, peeling lines is studied and realized in every single detail, trying to satisfy each customer’s requirement in the best possible way.

SAS goal is to become a reliable partner for the customers, analyzing, studying and realizing complete lines of production and proposing itself as a trust consultant in order to provide customers with development opportunities on the steel market.