The history

“…For more than forty years I have been feeling the daily stress, the responsibility of managing day by day everybody’s work, of reconciling different needs and above all granting the progress of this company, progress which from the beginning up to now I can only judge as extraordinary.

From a small craftsman reality we are now present worldwide with our equipment, our culture and our reliability. The beginnings are well impressed in everyone’s memory as in the one of our first Customers, who still trust us.

Altogether, in these years, we have been building a lot and accumulating a large fortune not only technological but in experience, solidity and reliability.

“There is no goal”. This is one of the teachings which drives the day by day work at SAS from the beginning up to now. Customers are the founding shareholders of our success.We provide the reliability and the utmost effort to offer always the best, in addition to competence and a smile in dealing with problems. We are not infallible, but we certainly need to be always available to solve, intervene and arrange because a manufacturer of equipment must not only be a good provider but a reliable and quality partner and that is what we are trying to be now, the same as we did in the past and what we will do for the years to come.”

Fermo Pietro Stefanoni, President

SAS Engineering and Planning is active in the field of the processing of ferrous materials in cold since 1973. In its beginnings, the company has positioned itself on the market as a generic machine shop, dealing with revamping and maintenance of equipment for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

During the years, following the needs of the Customers, it started to produce new combined drawing lines and chain pulling units for the drawing of bars with a bigger diameter. Lately it has built the first peeling line, marking a new chapter in the story of the company.

SAS Engineering and Planning takes care of the product in all its phases, “all-round”: from design to construction up to assembly, installation and final test at the customer’s premises. Its production efficiency as well as the high certified quality makes of SAS a worldwide leader:

SAS proposes itself on the market as a benchmark for innovation and research of better and cheaper ways to produce, guard a service able to satisfy every need of customers, who can always benefit from the latest innovations on the market.