The bar-to-bar Combined Drawing Lines are composed as follows:

  1. Loading table
  2. Introducer
  3. Pulling unit
  4. Shape-straightener
  5. Shear
  6. Two-roll straightener
  7. Chamfering machine
  8. Strapping, weighing and storage


  1. Pulling unit
    The SAS combined line, with double cammes, clamps and carriages driven by hydraulic control, allows to reach high working speeds guaranteeing top levels of movement precision.
    The use of DC drives also allows to choose working speeds suitable for the type of material being processed.
  2. Shape-straightener
    The bar straightening process is obtained by the passage of the bar through a pre-setted roller set. The two straighening heads, vertical and horizontal axis, allow to process the two bar axis.
  3. Shear
    The market is evolving and it is always in search for production lines with higher and higher speed. SAS answer these requests offering lines with an increased speed, an increase in the speed of the drawing lines, of the cutting quality obtained and of the tolerance of the length.
    Flying Shears cutting “bushing-to-bushing” have been designed and realized.
  4. Two-roll straightener
    The SAS two-roll burnishers have a very strong frame, they are designed to straighten ferrous and non-ferrous materials round bars. Thanks to the simplicity of the execution, they are a precious support both in-line in connection with drawing bench or peeling machine and out-line.