Decrease the gap between the beginning and the end of the drawing

Aspo doppio

Designed to minimize the gap between the end of the drawing of a coil and the beginning of the drawing of the next one.

They are equipped of a platform that can rotate of 360°, operated by an hydraulic gear motor.

Two fuses, tilting by means of an hydraulic cylinder, positioned on the rotating platform, can be supplied in different solutions:
– free turning fuse slowed down by pneumatic brake;
– Motor driven fuse, in order to absorb the starting shock;
– pay off from from the top in order to avoid jamming of smaller wires at high speed.

Single tilting fuses on trolley with an emergency stop device- in case of jamming of the material- are also available.


Technical Data

Range Coil weight Fuses no. Type of fuse Motorization
Fuse Pay off Uncoiling
5 ÷ 50 3000 2 idle-braked / hydraulic horizontal
5 ÷ 50 3000 2 motorized asynchronous motor hydraulic horizontal
5 ÷ 50 3000 1 idle-braked / / horizontal
5 ÷ 13 3000 2 fisso / / from the top
5 ÷ 13 3000 2 idle-braked / hydraulic from the top