Machinery maintenance and overhaul

SAS Engineering and Planning designs and manufactures every single component that makes up the machinery for drawing and peeling bars. Each machine offered on the market is the result of studies and developments to always offer tested and guaranteed products. Thanks to proven experience in the overhaul and maintenance of systems, SAS Engineering and Planning carries out periodic overhaul and maintenance works on the production lines of drawing, peeling and materials for combined use, also taking care of the repair and overhaul of existing machinery.

Each combined line of drawing, chain drawing benches and peeling is constantly overhauled by SAS technicians who know every specification, as the latter are entirely produced internally. The customer is constantly supported and supported. SAS in fact deals with the start-up of new production lines in emerging countries such as China and Korea, through an initial apprenticeship period.

In addition to the overhaul of the main Production Lines, SAS designs and overhauls a series of machinery:

  • bevelling machine
  • collection bags
  • ASPI
  • shears
  • pinner
  • robot
  • rolling machine
  • discharge channels
  • rectifier